Charity News

Alscot recognises the importance of charitable assistance and also how difficult fundraising can be. We are proud to work with local, and national, clubs and organisations to provide help. In order to offer commitment to make a difference we implement a policy to support a maximum of three charities or organisations per year. In 2019 we will support:

Stratford Bards

The Shakespeare Hospice

MS Society

Recent Charitable Assistance includes; Orchestra of The Swan, Stratford (Bards) Cricket Club, Shakespeare Hospice, Stratford Hospital Cancer and Eye Ward Appeal, Breast Cancer Now, Shipston Home Nursing, Warwickshire Branch of The Pony Club, Heart of England Mencap, Just Small Change, MS Society Stratford Branch, GWCT (Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust), St Mary and The Holy Cross (Alderminster Village Church)

In addition we have made several other donations to local schools, churches and other fundraising initiatives. 

If you would like your charity or organisation to be considered for future fundraising support, please contact us in writing providing as much information as possible. If your charity or organisation is successful we will contact you directly.